Supervision Scheme

Youth Work Supervision Scheme – Pilot Programme (2021 – 2023)

  • As the youth landscape continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of youths, there is an impetus for youth workers to be adequately supported and equipped.
  • YWAS is thus very thankful to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) for providing support for the supervision of youth work practitioners. In a two-year pilot, MSF will provide subsidy support for the supervision sessions conducted by YWAS registered youth work supervisors.
  • The Youth Work Supervision Scheme supports the continual professional education of youth workers. Under the scheme, youth workers who are unable to obtain clinical supervision at their organisations may directly seek out and engage a Registered Youth Work Supervisor from an approved registry maintained by YWAS.

Eligibility Criteria of Youth Work Supervisor and Supervisee

  • A registered Youth Work Supervisor should meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • At least 5 years of youth work practice, with at least 1 year of supervisory experience
    • Degree / Post-graduate diploma in Social Work, Psychology, Counselling, Education or Certification in Youth Work
    • Registered member of Youth Work Association Singapore (YWAS)
    • Minimum 40 hours of training/practice in supervision
  • Supervisees must be youth workers.

Supervision Structure

  • For the pilot phase, only Individual Supervision will be supported under the Supervision Scheme. The length of a supervision programme, learning objectives, format and the schedule should be jointly developed by the supervisor and supervisee, in consideration of the supervisee’s needs and competencies.
  • The duration of each supervision session is capped at two hours maximum, with not more than one session per week. Each supervisee is entitled to not more than 30 hours of subsidised supervision over a period of 2 years. Beyond which, the supervisor could independently charge the supervisee’s organisation for additional sessions needed.

The Responsibilities of the Supervisor and Supervisee are set out in the table below:

A. Responsibilities of Supervisor
1. Jointly develop supervision learning objectives, format and schedule with supervisee 2. Provide Supervisee with ongoing feedback concerning his/her performance and document concerns in the feedback forms 3. Complete the required forms for the purpose of providing feedback to the YWAS for the evaluation of the Supervision Scheme in a timely manner as advised
B. Responsibilities of Supervisee
 1. Coordinate and collaborate with supervisor to develop supervision learning objectives, format, and schedule 2. Commit reasonable time to the Supervision and, to the best of one’s ability apply oneself to the supervision satisfactorily 3. Complete all administrative forms (e.g. session records, evaluation forms etc) in a timely manner as advised

Supervision Fees and Programme Funding

  1. The MSF subsidy covers co-payment of 80% of the supervisor’s fees, whilst the supervisee co-pays the remaining 20%.
  2. Supervision fees are pegged at a flat rate of $120 or $150 per hour depending on the qualification of the supervisor.
  3. The rate will be $120 for a supervisor with less than 10 years of practice and $150 for a supervisor with more than 10 years of practice.
  4. With MSF’s co-payment, the supervisee’s organisation can expect to pay $24 or $30 per hour.

How to Apply for The Subsidy?

  1. YWAS will only liaise with Registered Youth Work Supervisors for this scheme.
  2. Supervisors are to obtain official approval from YWAS to participate in this scheme
  3. YWAS will pay the Registered Supervisor upon the submission of these documents
    1. Invoice to YWAS
    2. Supervision Log signed by both Supervisor and Supervisee

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