Code of Ethical Practice for Youth Workers

YWAS voted to adopted a Code of Ethical Practice for Youth Workers at its Annual General Meeting held on 9th May 2017.

This Code of Ethical Practice is based on the Commonwealth Code of Ethical Practice for Youth Workers, originally published by the Commonwealth Secretariat and authored by Dr Tim Corney, Ph.D.

YWAS, is a member of the Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Worker Associations (CAYWA), a global grouping of youth worker associations in the member countries of the Commonwealth.

The Code of Ethical Practice for Youth Workers is motivated by the importance of ensuring the safety and well being of young people and those that work with them. It promotes safe work practices with young people and documents the values and principles that underpin ethical youth work practice.

A copy of the Code of Ethical Practice for Youth Workers is available here.

National Youth Work Competency Framework

The National Youth Work Competency Framework is a key national resource for capability building in the youth work sector.

YWAS fully supports the NYWCF as it defines the knowledge and skills required by youth workers, establishes a reference point for competency-based training for development of youth workers and guides their career progression based on competencies and job roles.

The framework aims to ensure that sector professionals remain relevant and adaptive to new and emerging needs of our youth; bringing about a heightened recognition of the important role of youth work in Singapore.

For more details regarding the NYWCF, please visit this link.