Ask Aunty Amica

Do you have a legal question that does not involve you directly, or where you would prefer not to meet a volunteer lawyer in person?

Ask Aunty Amica allows you to pose any legal questions. Not all questions will be answered.  Selected questions will be answered at a Lab Session, or posted on YWAS social media platforms.

All questions and answers will be anonymised.  If we are of the view that your question is better answered in a private session with a volunteer lawyer, we will inform you, and you can choose whether you wish to apply for a clinic session.

Personal Details

Below are some examples of questions that might be asked.

Example 1:

I am a youth work professional working with a 15 year old youth. She stole a few things from different people, such as mobile phone, money and a laptop. The family received a notice to attend Youth Court next week. The youth is afraid, the parents are anxious. What happens in the Youth Court?

If the question is “ what will happen to the youth”, the question will be referred to a legal clinic as it requires individual advice.

Example 2:

The parents of the youth I am working with are getting a divorce. They are Muslims. The youth is concerned that the Court will insist that she lives with her mother.  What are the differences between Syariah law and civil law on custody of children?

If the question is “what are the right of the wife”, the question will be referred to a legal clinic as it requires individual advice.

Example 3:

I am a counsellor working with a 17 year old girl. She broke up with her boyfriend three weeks ago. The boy will not leave her alone. He follows her everywhere. She sees him when she is on the way to school, and when she is on the way home. He sends her pictures of himself, and DMs her, begging her to go back to him. When she blocks him on her phone and social media, he uses other friends’ phones and accounts to try to communicate with her. He sends her flowers daily even though she has asked him to stop doing so. She feels very distressed and she is afraid to leave the house alone. What can she do?